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Basic to masterclass-level intellectual property training in a wide variety of IP topics


28th September 2023

Delivered by:

Mathys & Squire for London IP Week


Organised by:

Cosmonauts for London IP Week

Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd is an acknowledged provider in intellectual property training and education. Offering basic to masterclass-level IP training, we have worked with organisations across the world to leverage the knowledge and awareness of IP in their staff through bespoke training sessions and workshops.


  • Creation - Finding solutions, adapting previous innovations, third parties, open source, uniqueness and the inventive step.​


  • Capturing - Communications, recording/documenting, policies, searching, decision making, acquiring, sale and transfer agreements.​                                                                                                       

  • Protection - Publication, trade secrets, patents, copyright, commercial strategies, costs/budgets, timescales, benchmarking.​                                                                                                                               

  • Valuation - Why, what, how and when to value intangible assets. A brief overview to increase your understanding of the value of intangible assets.​        


  • Exploitation - Licensing, sales, patent pools, patent box, investor discussions, commercial strategies and M&A.


  • A simple introduction to the basic terms and meaning of intangible assets                                                            

  • How to capture, protect and manage IP: patents, trade marks, copyright, trade secrets          

  • How the IP registration processes work                          

  • How to protect brands, know-how and other assets ​

  • Valuing intangible assets within the business and driving shareholder value                                             

  • How to develop an IP strategy that aligns with business objectives

  • How to appoint or become an IP Manager

  • Patent Box and other benefits of IP 

  • Acquiring & monetising IP                                            

  • Understanding the IP landscape and competition  

  • How to report IP Board Metrics and construct IP dashboards

  • Benchmarking your IP performance                            

  • Dealing with IP disputes 

  • Becoming investment ready: IP due diligence & IP valuation –         a masterclass


Mathys & Squire for London IP Week

Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd. is a team of intellectual property (IP) experts with over 100 years of combined legal and commercial experience, providing strategic and commercial IP advice that aligns with business goals. With expertise spanning the full IP offering across a range of sectors and technologies, the team focuses on providing an independent and unbiased service to all clients - from early-stage startups with growth plans, to SMEs and universities, through to large corporates seeking to expand their IP portfolios. Through this strategic and tactical IP advice, meaningful value is realised from clients’ intangible assets, supporting business growth and success.



Richard Nugent for London IP Week

Richard Nugent
Head of IP Strategy

Richard Nugent has over 20 years’ experience working within multinational corporate environments and the research sector. At Mathys & Squire Consulting, he delivers a range of intellectual property services, such as intangible asset audits, competitor analysis, IP strategy, IP management, IP search, IP training, and contracts consulting. With his background in law and experience working with a wide range of technology companies and research organisations, Richard enjoys advising and training those working in the cutting edge of innovation. Since 2016, Richard has been a volunteer instructor on the PraxisAuril Research Contracts course. He has delivered IP training internationally at top universities in England, Northern Ireland, Brazil and China. He has also spoken on numerous occasions to conference audiences from across the globe.

Lawrence Bickers for London IP Week

Lawrence Bickers
Business Consultant

Lawrence is a seasoned IP expert known for successful IP portfolio management and IP monetization programmes. Since he joined the company in 2012, Lawrence has been appointed Managing Director and Chairman at Mathys & Squire Consulting. Previously, he was responsible for the operations of the IP Group within Coller Capita,  generating 50+ million $US from IP.

Lawrence has worked as Vice President of European Partnerships at IPvalue and Head of Licensing at British Telecom, where he pioneered the first exploitation programme with Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting and General Atlantic Fund. His diverse background includes Research & Development work with BT, training large corporates in Asia on IP Valuations,  5 patents, 50+ technical papers, and visiting Professorships at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Kate Beauchamp, Chief Legal Officer for Mabey Holdings, said: “I am really happy with Mathys & Squire Consulting’s report! As you might imagine we have a huge number of advisers on the go at the moment, so I can’t tell you how delighted I was to get such a thorough and well thought through report… It has ticked all my boxes, so I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely use your services again.”

Kyriakos Papanagiotou, Director of KP Acoustics, commented: “I have worked with Tony Coleman from Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd, as I needed specialised advice on our IP valuation, and on licensing negotiations for a new technology that my company had developed. The overall customer journey was nothing less than holistic. Tony practically unfolded his knowledge in simple terms, providing highly targeted and tactical advice, by asking me simple questions. He helped me to paint a strategic map, with various options that injected confidence not only in me, but in the licensor too, with continuous assistance throughout all discussions… I would have no doubt encouraging anyone looking for specialised advice on IP management to work with Tony and the team at Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd.”

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