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10th - 12th December 2018 

2nd annual edition

London IP Week has been a fantastic success with over 400 attendees joining us at the modern etc.venues St.Paul’s. Kicking off with the Future Tech IP Summit on the 10th of December, delegates explored the exciting world of emerging technologies with a strong focus on IP protection, management and commercialisation for SMEs. Later that evening the Masters of IP quiz night was in full swing with drinks and a few cases of sly phone googling. The 11th of December was the start of the Big Corporate IP Summit bringing together IP owners, In-house legal & IP counsels and IP experts from industry-leading companies to discuss management, protection, enforcement and commercialisation of the most valuable asset a firm owns- it’s ideas. On the 13th of December, the London IP Week was concluded with excellent networking opportunities in the forms of escape rooms, cocktail classes & craft beer tastings.

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